It’s not about your race …  it’s not about your gender … it’s not about your economic status or how the world views you! What it IS about is how you’re sustained in God awareness. You’re not your body, you’re not your race, or your gender. All of these things are social constructs, put into place by a society that is focused on control and manipulation.

If you fall for these lies, you will suffer the reality of their illusions. You must move outside of the “normal” way of thinking and acting, into the spiritual way of knowing and being. The sooner you get with your most deepest, inner conscious awareness, the sooner you realize a world beyond this world, that has more to offer you in terms of peace, love, and happiness, than one that can only promise you money, fame, and fortune.


Wow! Just wow …  If you are struggling beyond all reason to get your life together, and can’t see anyway out of your current situation, do nothing but get still .. quiet … and listen.

I can’t tell you how you will be reborn or even if your reincarnation will be in this lifetime. However, what I can say is that all of the answers that you are currently seeking, in relation to your day to day problems can be found within YOU!

That’s right! You have within you the ability to dig deep within and uncover the secrets of the universe. Unfortunately, everyday religion will tell you that who you are is sinful (i.e., wrong). That your nature is soiled and wrong and not worthy of Heaven. This type of thinking is highly erroneous and will keep you in hell longer than anything that is external of you.

Fact is … your essence is the ultimate creation of your Creator. There is only perfection in your True nature. What religion speaks about is your lower, ego self, that has yet to recognize the ultimate State (absolute Love) that resides within you.

To most .. these are only words and will forever be. If you are courageous and willing and wanting … this state can be your Reality. Love can be your experience and calling and devotion, if you will only come to It and knock on that door and say, I’m ready to Love!

You see .. Love is really all there is and if you are spending your energy on anything else, you are simply wasting your life away.

Stop being afraid .. stop being angry, judgmental, blaming, shaming, hateful and envious and come to Love. Love will mend your wounds, and heal your dis-ease. Love will awake you from your dream and show you a Reality that is picture perfect, within a world of chaos!

You have only to decide that NOW is the time! You have only to decide that YOU are ready!







Teen Boys  


Teen boys, just like teen girls, are consumed with problems of self esteem. Boys are faced with bullying, body image, puberty, fitting in socially and a host of other youth issues that typically surround young people. Unfortunately, some teen boys deal with teenage problems by checking out in a number of ways. They either try to escape by using drugs, joining a gang, having multiple sexual partners, performing dangerous and extreme activities like car racing, jumping off cliffs, and having unprotected sex, just to name a few.

There is no doubt that teen boys don’t have it easy when it comes to being a teen, but such is life. This period in ones life is not the best of times, and there is a lot of inner turmoil that comes with growing into an adult. Fact is, when you bring in drugs and other things to distract you from facing life on life’s terms, you make your journey that much more difficult.

However, when you are a teen boy and facing other teen kids in your school, church, or environment who think they know what’s best for you, and they have you believing that your parents are stupid, you will ultimately face more challenges than you can handle. Teen boys are full of testosterone. Testosterone that at times makes them want to explode out of their skins. Teen boys must learn to handle that bundle of energy, and to direct it in positive and non violent ways.

No one will ever be able to answer or solve all of the problems that come along with growing up as a teen, but we can listen and hopefully help guide teen boys in the right direction, so that their future isn’t ruined by one bad decision. Teen boys in gangs are on the rise. This is a problem not only for teen boys but for society. Depressed, unhappy, and angry boys usually take out their pain on others. At the end of the day, we suffer the consequences of their actions.

We must encourage all young people, both girls and boys to talk about their problems, so they don’t keep them bottled up inside where they explode in a moment of rage. What we see as behavior disorders in teen boys, could simply be youth problems that have gone unaddressed. I would encourage parents who have teens engaging in risky activities to get help.

Don’t just pray and sit back and hope the problems go away because they won’t. The teen boy or girl will just find a way to mask the pain, and usually that masking causes more pain. Stay engaged with your teen boys and girls. Let your ears and heart be the platform for them to express their angst. Don’t judge them or criticize them. Love them through these testing times and you were once there yourself. Remind your teen boys that this is a period that they will get through and that you are there for them all the way!

Teen Advice

It just had to happen. I needed to do this video a year ago. I’m always giving relationship and peer advice to my fellow peers but young people, both girls and guys are struggling with relationships and other issues that are affecting their state of mind and causing many of them dis-ease.

This video is for all the young girls in high school who think that being popular is where it’s at and are risking themselves to meet up to other kids standards. I’m here to tell you that being popular is not all that’s cracked up to be.

In fact, being popular or wanting to aspire to being popular for most teen girls can get them into a lot of trouble. For one, it takes a lot of your energy to be popular. You must stay upon the latest gossip and be sure that you are in good favor with those who count. It’s a lot like being a celebrity but just a celebrity in your own backyard.

And if you know anything about what it takes to be a teen celebrity, you might have heard that the stress that comes along with it is not worth the journey. People are moody and one day you might be in good favor with a bunch of kids, only to find that a rumor or a picture of you is being spread around and all of a sudden, you are at the bottom of everybody’s sh*t list.

Also, you might be required to do something that is not right or healthy for you in order to keep your status much like you would in a sorority or fraternity.

I know that you can’t see it right now but all these games that go on in high school or just that .. games. They are in no way going to help you with the real things that make your life worth living. It’s understandable that you can’t see that now, or that you might not believe the words written on this page but the fact is those “friends” of yours who matter so much to you today, more than likely won’t mean much a few years from now.

People change and sometimes the directions we go in life change. When you are in school, that is your world and it seems big, and sometimes scary.  Fact is, for most young people, being unsure, insecure and scared is an everyday reality. What you might not recognize  is that scared people like to be surrounded by people so that they don’t have to face being alone. You, my friend, don’t have to be that person who “needs” someone or to belong because you are scared.

It’s possible to have your faith, your one or two close friends, sports, or your family as support throughout these growing years. They really do pass by very quickly. But don’t get too comfortable because you will be thrown into another world where popularity, fashion, boys, sex, drugs, money, etc .. will be vying for your attention.

Teen Advice medical images

I know that you are young and you probably feel invisible but it needs to be said that you are NOT invisible. You run the risk of getting raped, becoming impregnated, being homeless, experiencing your parents getting a divorce, dropping out of high school and more at your age. You will undoubtedly learn that life is not all pretty and that unfortunate things happen to everyone.

You will be tempted to blame yourself and or play the victim role but rest assured my friend, shit happening is not unique to you. What will be unique to you is how you choose to handle it. Talking about these issues now and facing the fact that just because a boy says he loves you doesn’t mean you owe him your body, is crucial.

Everyone makes mistakes but there are some mistakes that can’t be undone. My hope for you is that you carry these words with you as you move on throughout your young life, and always remember that you are worthy and love as you are by the One who created you. It is not necessary for you to prove your worth or your beauty to anyone for any reason. When you start playing that game, it never ends and you always end up the loser.

My teen advice for girls is the same advice I’d give to my adult girlfriends. Nobody wants to be used, over looked or made to feel worthless. However, the secret is in giving these positive feelings of worth to yourself and not expecting for them to arrive from someone else outside of yourself. Teen girls, just like teen boys struggle with identity issues just like anyone else. The goal is to embrace yourself during this time but also see that all of this will eventually pass.

Take a deep breathe, start to see that not everyone around you has it all together and just work on learning to love yourself. This will be your greatest asset in life because it’s really the one thing that truly matters in this large and often times scary world of lost people.

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Love,  is really all that you need besides food, shelter, and water. Almost everything else is icing on the cake.

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Depression is a serious problem that affects about half of the American people. If you want to know how to combat depression keep reading. First, if you suffer from depression on a large scale that lasts for weeks and months, you really need to see a professional. You may have an underlining issue that could need medical attention.  That kind of help is way beyond the scope of this article.

However, if you are someone who just needs a little motivation or inspiration because you have let your stress or worries drag you down, then I would like to offer you those words of encouragement.

It’s okay to feel not so great once in awhile. Life is not entirely easy and sometimes you just need to feel the struggles that come with living. What’s not natural to your spirit is living in that struggle day in and day out. So if you would like some helpful tips on how to combat depression, try practicing these techniques to help alleviate your down time.

1. Sit under a heat/light lamp during the winter months if you are not getting enough Vitamin D

2. Listen to music that will help lift your mood. Sounds simple but this is a powerful strategy.

3. Get plenty of rest. Remember the saying about sleep being the best meditation? It’s true.

4. Move your body whether it’s through exercise, dance, or yoga.

5. Get  outside of yourself and your problems and do something for someone else.

6. Laugh. Laughter will simply make you feel better now!

7. Let go of whatever it is that is dampening your mood. Release it and move forward.

Hopefully these tips will help you as you learn how to combat depression. Just keep in mind that everything passes as surely as the wind blows. Laugh, let go and live on …


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If you want to know how to build confidence, you are definitely in the right place. People, women in particular, are always telling me that I am someone who looks and acts like I have a lot of confidence.

And many will ask me how it is that they can also have this type of confidence in their own lives. Some want to know how to be more confident at work, because they either feel that they are being taken advantage of, or that if they could find their confidence and self esteem, others would respect them more.

Whatever the reason may be for you, self confidence is something that every woman and man could stand to develop. True confidence is found from having been through struggles and coming out the other end in tact. Real confidence is knowing that you have not been perfect but refusing to give up trying your best.

Self esteem builds from the confidence that is developed, after you realize that there is a YOU who is more precious and worthy than the person your society, family, or partner had you believing in.

Self confidence can be mastered much like most other states that one wants present in ones life. You build it step by step, minute by minute, hour by hour and sometimes, sweat by sweat.

Everyone has what it takes to be self confident, but many will display just the ego’s version of it, mistaking cockiness for confidence. Some will fake it, because they have not truly done the work of discovering the origin of true confidence and implementing it into their lives.

Self confidence can be discovered, when you cease to let the opinions of others cause you inner turmoil. The opinions of others about you, politics, or even the weather are their opinions and the less you make them your reality, the more time you spend developing what it is YOU feel and think.

You must remember that people see things as they, themselves, are and not always objectively from that viewpoint. So when you start to internalize the opinions and beliefs of someone else, you never know what type of ingredients you are trying to mix alongside your own past awareness and revelations.

You were given a brain just like your neighbor. You’ve had experiences just like your neighbor, and you are free to choose how you will interpret your experiences, just like your neighbor.

Why leave your self confidence to chance by giving away your power to choose love and worth, over fear and uncertainty. You hold the key to self confidence. Only you can give that gift to yourself by recognizing your Self in the mirror.

As I always say, the only real thing is Love .. all else is an illusion. Real self confidence is a by product of the only real reality that exists … LOVE. And that my friend, is how to build self confidence.


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How To Let Go Of The Past

It’s not easy to let go of someone or something that means the world to you. In fact, this blog post is directed to those who just can’t quit leave an unhealthy relationship, quit drinking or smoking or letting other people use you for their benefit.

How to let go of the past is not about pretending that shit never happened, nor is it about denying reality. If you need to let go of someone, a belief that has been holding you back or a terrible habit, this post is to motivate you to change.

At the end of the day, it will be you who makes that one critical decision to either stop the drama of an outdated play or to continue in the same direction and wishing for a different result.

Who this post is not for are the millions of people who have lost someone they love to accidents, violence, or some other traumatic event. I would never tell someone to just get over the person they lost and loved, just so that they could move on.

It’s true that these people must find a way to cope, but the suffering from the lost of a loved one is so personal and definite that the stages of grief and loss in certain instances is outside of most peoples radar of experiences, including my own.

However, loss is loss and letting go is the process of learning to detach oneself from the mental, emotional, and physical holds that a person has on its subject. It’s learning to live and move on with the reality of what is, instead of what should be or should have been.

How to let go of the past will be a decision that only you will be able to make for yourself. A million people can tell you what they think you should do, but it will be you who ultimately decides the direction that you want to go from the pain that holds you in restraints.
How to let go of the past will include:

1. Detachment (Don’t be attached to the outcome of a situation)
2. Acceptance (Live in the present, not the past or the future)
3. Give (Do for others without expectations of paychecks or paybacks)
4. Make that choice to “Let Go” (It must start with this one decision).
5. Change your perception (If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you surely won’t be able to).

If you are struggling with something that has been holding you back or down, if someone in your life is keeping you from growing and reaching your potential, you have only to make the decision that serves your highest good .. your highest Self.

This is YOUR life to live and not one where you must tip toe around the reality of another. You are the only person who is responsible for your decisions and how you will feel come that one faithful day that we all must face.

And no matter how you want to shift the blame to another, you have this opportunity right now before you to make things right, where it concerns you. It is no longer about how you were discriminated against, or how your parents abused you. It won’t fly about how you were ostracized by your church or community because you were different.

In the end, it’s about what you did to make a positive difference in not only your life, but in the lives of others. That, alone, is your decision to make, my friend.

So .. if you are struggling to let go of the past, let me be the first to tell you that you can let go of an unhealthy relationship. You can let go of the people who don’t SEE you for who you really are, and you can let go of whatever emotional baggage that is causing you a spiritual disruption in your life.

It’s a simple shift … it’s a simple yes to you, or a simple no to others. It starts with you taking back your power to live peacefully, happily, and with the freedom that escapes the masses. Now please .. stop reading this blog post and have that crucial discussion with yourself right now!!

How to let go of the past? You do it right now!

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