If you want to know how to build confidence, you are definitely in the right place. People, women in particular, are always telling me that I am someone who looks and acts like I have a lot of confidence.

And many will ask me how it is that they can also have this type of confidence in their own lives. Some want to know how to be more confident at work, because they either feel that they are being taken advantage of, or that if they could find their confidence and self esteem, others would respect them more.

Whatever the reason may be for you, self confidence is something that every woman and man could stand to develop. True confidence is found from having been through struggles and coming out the other end in tact. Real confidence is knowing that you have not been perfect but refusing to give up trying your best.

Self esteem builds from the confidence that is developed, after you realize that there is a YOU who is more precious and worthy than the person your society, family, or partner had you believing in.

Self confidence can be mastered much like most other states that one wants present in ones life. You build it step by step, minute by minute, hour by hour and sometimes, sweat by sweat.

Everyone has what it takes to be self confident, but many will display just the ego’s version of it, mistaking cockiness for confidence. Some will fake it, because they have not truly done the work of discovering the origin of true confidence and implementing it into their lives.

Self confidence can be discovered, when you cease to let the opinions of others cause you inner turmoil. The opinions of others about you, politics, or even the weather are their opinions and the less you make them your reality, the more time you spend developing what it is YOU feel and think.

You must remember that people see things as they, themselves, are and not always objectively from that viewpoint. So when you start to internalize the opinions and beliefs of someone else, you never know what type of ingredients you are trying to mix alongside your own past awareness and revelations.

You were given a brain just like your neighbor. You’ve had experiences just like your neighbor, and you are free to choose how you will interpret your experiences, just like your neighbor.

Why leave your self confidence to chance by giving away your power to choose love and worth, over fear and uncertainty. You hold the key to self confidence. Only you can give that gift to yourself by recognizing your Self in the mirror.

As I always say, the only real thing is Love .. all else is an illusion. Real self confidence is a by product of the only real reality that exists … LOVE. And that my friend, is how to build self confidence.


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