I don’t really have anything more major that has happened in my life than anyone else. I suppose that at some point, everyone has their own “911.” What I mean by that is that at some point, you and I have gone through something drastic or traumatic that left us forever changed, different than you had been before the event.

My story is one of death and rebirth .. over and over again. Some of the pain that I have gone through, has crippled my spirit and has left me with more questions than answers. Still, I push ahead … climbing on to that next ledge, swimming another stroke, crawling when I can’t walk, against the resistance of my own small mind into the unknown.

I knew that I wanted to do something in television but in the background, so I majored in Broadcast Cinema. I wanted to be behind the camera, controlling the action. After my freshman year, I relocated to St. Paul Minnesota with a friend. I guess you could say that I put college on hold.

I spent about three years in the St.Paul, Minneapolis area, before returning down south to get some much needed sun. About 3 years later, I returned to school to study Psychology and Philosophy.

Fast forward and I’m living my life a bit different than I had originally imagined. I’m not working for a major network like CNN or FOX news but rather working through the reigns of technology.

You see … Life has taught me one thing, in particular. When you leave this Earth, you take only your soul with you, not your titles, your brand, your kids or your significant other.

And that message screams volumes to me!

Felecia Townsend

It means that the busy work we do here on Earth should be about getting “ones” business in order. Preparing your Soul.

Now although I love teaching others how to make a living online, and how to get their message to the people who need to hear it, my secret mission is soul work.

And through this work, my higher vision is REALIZED!

Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to sharing my spiritual, relationship advice with you, as you continue to create your own life story.