Wow! Just wow …  If you are struggling beyond all reason to get your life together, and can’t see anyway out of your current situation, do nothing but get still .. quiet … and listen.

I can’t tell you how you will be reborn or even if your reincarnation will be in this lifetime. However, what I can say is that all of the answers that you are currently seeking, in relation to your day to day problems can be found within YOU!

That’s right! You have within you the ability to dig deep within and uncover the secrets of the universe. Unfortunately, everyday religion will tell you that who you are is sinful (i.e., wrong). That your nature is soiled and wrong and not worthy of Heaven. This type of thinking is highly erroneous and will keep you in hell longer than anything that is external of you.

Fact is … your essence is the ultimate creation of your Creator. There is only perfection in your True nature. What religion speaks about is your lower, ego self, that has yet to recognize the ultimate State (absolute Love) that resides within you.

To most .. these are only words and will forever be. If you are courageous and willing and wanting … this state can be your Reality. Love can be your experience and calling and devotion, if you will only come to It and knock on that door and say, I’m ready to Love!

You see .. Love is really all there is and if you are spending your energy on anything else, you are simply wasting your life away.

Stop being afraid .. stop being angry, judgmental, blaming, shaming, hateful and envious and come to Love. Love will mend your wounds, and heal your dis-ease. Love will awake you from your dream and show you a Reality that is picture perfect, within a world of chaos!

You have only to decide that NOW is the time! You have only to decide that YOU are ready!