Teen Advice

It just had to happen. I needed to do this video a year ago. I’m always giving relationship and peer advice to my fellow peers but young people, both girls and guys are struggling with relationships and other issues that are affecting their state of mind and causing many of them dis-ease.

This video is for all the young girls in high school who think that being popular is where it’s at and are risking themselves to meet up to other kids standards. I’m here to tell you that being popular is not all that’s cracked up to be.

In fact, being popular or wanting to aspire to being popular for most teen girls can get them into a lot of trouble. For one, it takes a lot of your energy to be popular. You must stay upon the latest gossip and be sure that you are in good favor with those who count. It’s a lot like being a celebrity but just a celebrity in your own backyard.

And if you know anything about what it takes to be a teen celebrity, you might have heard that the stress that comes along with it is not worth the journey. People are moody and one day you might be in good favor with a bunch of kids, only to find that a rumor or a picture of you is being spread around and all of a sudden, you are at the bottom of everybody’s sh*t list.

Also, you might be required to do something that is not right or healthy for you in order to keep your status much like you would in a sorority or fraternity.

I know that you can’t see it right now but all these games that go on in high school or just that .. games. They are in no way going to help you with the real things that make your life worth living. It’s understandable that you can’t see that now, or that you might not believe the words written on this page but the fact is those “friends” of yours who matter so much to you today, more than likely won’t mean much a few years from now.

People change and sometimes the directions we go in life change. When you are in school, that is your world and it seems big, and sometimes scary.  Fact is, for most young people, being unsure, insecure and scared is an everyday reality. What you might not recognize  is that scared people like to be surrounded by people so that they don’t have to face being alone. You, my friend, don’t have to be that person who “needs” someone or to belong because you are scared.

It’s possible to have your faith, your one or two close friends, sports, or your family as support throughout these growing years. They really do pass by very quickly. But don’t get too comfortable because you will be thrown into another world where popularity, fashion, boys, sex, drugs, money, etc .. will be vying for your attention.

Teen Advice

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I know that you are young and you probably feel invisible but it needs to be said that you are NOT invisible. You run the risk of getting raped, becoming impregnated, being homeless, experiencing your parents getting a divorce, dropping out of high school and more at your age. You will undoubtedly learn that life is not all pretty and that unfortunate things happen to everyone.

You will be tempted to blame yourself and or play the victim role but rest assured my friend, shit happening is not unique to you. What will be unique to you is how you choose to handle it. Talking about these issues now and facing the fact that just because a boy says he loves you doesn’t mean you owe him your body, is crucial.

Everyone makes mistakes but there are some mistakes that can’t be undone. My hope for you is that you carry these words with you as you move on throughout your young life, and always remember that you are worthy and love as you are by the One who created you. It is not necessary for you to prove your worth or your beauty to anyone for any reason. When you start playing that game, it never ends and you always end up the loser.

My teen advice for girls is the same advice I’d give to my adult girlfriends. Nobody wants to be used, over looked or made to feel worthless. However, the secret is in giving these positive feelings of worth to yourself and not expecting for them to arrive from someone else outside of yourself. Teen girls, just like teen boys struggle with identity issues just like anyone else. The goal is to embrace yourself during this time but also see that all of this will eventually pass.

Take a deep breathe, start to see that not everyone around you has it all together and just work on learning to love yourself. This will be your greatest asset in life because it’s really the one thing that truly matters in this large and often times scary world of lost people.

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