Teen Boys  


Teen boys, just like teen girls, are consumed with problems of self esteem. Boys are faced with bullying, body image, puberty, fitting in socially and a host of other youth issues that typically surround young people. Unfortunately, some teen boys deal with teenage problems by checking out in a number of ways. They either try to escape by using drugs, joining a gang, having multiple sexual partners, performing dangerous and extreme activities like car racing, jumping off cliffs, and having unprotected sex, just to name a few.

There is no doubt that teen boys don’t have it easy when it comes to being a teen, but such is life. This period in ones life is not the best of times, and there is a lot of inner turmoil that comes with growing into an adult. Fact is, when you bring in drugs and other things to distract you from facing life on life’s terms, you make your journey that much more difficult.

However, when you are a teen boy and facing other teen kids in your school, church, or environment who think they know what’s best for you, and they have you believing that your parents are stupid, you will ultimately face more challenges than you can handle. Teen boys are full of testosterone. Testosterone that at times makes them want to explode out of their skins. Teen boys must learn to handle that bundle of energy, and to direct it in positive and non violent ways.

No one will ever be able to answer or solve all of the problems that come along with growing up as a teen, but we can listen and hopefully help guide teen boys in the right direction, so that their future isn’t ruined by one bad decision. Teen boys in gangs are on the rise. This is a problem not only for teen boys but for society. Depressed, unhappy, and angry boys usually take out their pain on others. At the end of the day, we suffer the consequences of their actions.

We must encourage all young people, both girls and boys to talk about their problems, so they don’t keep them bottled up inside where they explode in a moment of rage. What we see as behavior disorders in teen boys, could simply be youth problems that have gone unaddressed. I would encourage parents who have teens engaging in risky activities to get help.

Don’t just pray and sit back and hope the problems go away because they won’t. The teen boy or girl will just find a way to mask the pain, and usually that masking causes more pain. Stay engaged with your teen boys and girls. Let your ears and heart be the platform for them to express their angst. Don’t judge them or criticize them. Love them through these testing times and you were once there yourself. Remind your teen boys that this is a period that they will get through and that you are there for them all the way!