The Importance of Communication Skills

June 18, 2020

If people knew the importance of communication skills, they would work deligiently to perfect them. Especially, in their most cherished relationships.

Fact is, if you don’t know how to properly communicate your ideas, then you will experience a mulititude of communication breakdowns.

And similiar to driving, you will need to learn the skills to communicate not only on the offensive, but on the defensive as well.

You will encounter those who have less or different skills than you on how to correctly communicate.  And you will need to craft a different way to communicate with such individuals. the importance of communication skills image

For example, if I was attempting to communicate with an adult verses a child, my words and approach would differ, greatly.

I know that children need more time to process and use logical reasoning because of brain development.  So, I wouldn’t go too deeply into certain topics with them like I might another adult.

Effective Communication:

Every person is different with a unique set of communication skills of their own, and usually it takes having that conversation to see how it will proceed.

Just remember that effective communication takes time and learning.  You’re dealing with all types of people and no one situation will fit all people.  There’s so much diversity in the world and not everyone communicates identically.

This is a good thing because it will allow you to get to understand others that are differnt from you. If you don’t like having to change how you communicate with different people, you will fail at being a good communicator.

The importance of communication skills is the difference between effective communication and non-effective communications. When there is good communication, both parties are engaged, and there’s a mutual respect and understanding of words and language.

Good communication saves rocky relationships. It build bridges where confusion exists. The importance of communication is not only verbal communication, but non verbal as well.

It’s your facial expressions, the positioning of your body, your tone of voice.  There are so many nuances that factor in when it comes to effective communication.

Remember the next time you want to have a good conversation with a stranger. Go into it with an open heart and mind. Listen, watch, and accept how the person you’re commincating with communicates.

And in your own style, choose to dance with happy words and warm cheer around the art of conversation.

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